The Best Microgaming Casinos For Bonuses - Ready For A Surprise?

Why would new online players be looking for the best Microgaming casinos for bonuses? Is there a reason other than just the cash, are they really that special that a player would want to limit their focus?

There are plenty of online casinos a player can go and look in search of bonuses, but when it comes down to locating the best Microgaming casinos for bonuses, there are newer and older casinos that both fit the bill. Let's first take a look at this software developer that everyone in the industry raves about and see what makes them quite so special.

Microgaming - One Of The Early Day Pioneers Of Online Gaming!

Microgaming are a privately held software development company from the Isle of Man. One of their claims to fame is that they were the first casino software developer to put their gaming software into a casino. This came about in 1994 and the casino, namely the Gaming Club, still use their software to this day.

With that said alone, with both casino and developer having stood the test of time, The Gaming Club Casino would have to be one of the best casinos offering Microgaming bonuses, just looking at the time they have been in business together, so they would definitely be a good place to start looking!

One of the key advantages that Microgaming have over some of their competition is that they managed to develop games that were originally based upon those that were already popular in the land based casinos.

With top notch casino bonuses offering high pay out percentages, most of their games offered a low house edge. This was and is still attractive to new and frequent players of their games alike. Additionally, players have flexibility in controlling the game play through different gaming modes and various options, something they have built upon over time.

As the years have gone by, Microgaming has continued to grow and create new products. Games are regularly being released on a monthly basis, and they set the standard for competitors who wish to emulate them. Their choice of gaming products just grows and grows, and now is in excess of 600 games.

Two More Top Casinos To Try Microgaming Games!

As well as The Gaming Club casino previously mentioned another popular reputable casino for Microgaming games is Jackpot City.

Along with top Swedish Casino Mr. Green who have been around since 2008, these would definitely be two of the best Microgaming casinos for bonuses to visit.

Why not put them on the short list and pay them a visit now. A nice Welcome bonus awaits as well as some great games, get inspired and have some fun today!